The 2017 festive windows were inspired by the beauty of Hermès objects – perfect in both function and form – I  imagined the desert island essentials list, a perfectly edited selection of festive necessities for the season…but instead of the beach, the Hermès UK windows take a trip into outer space.

With a 1960s view of future and space, the windows have a retro feel. Vacuum packed turkeys and Christmas puddings sit side by side with beautiful Hermès objects, beamed up to the holiday celebration in the sky. Space men and women envisage their most desired Hermès objects floating around their helmets, flying rockets are embedded with treats and a Luna landing sees Hermès scarves set as flags, whilst parachutes drop in delicious gifts.

We worked alongside Holition to creatively direct ‘ FACE’ by Holition an interactive, intergalactic animation at the Hermes Bond St store. An old fashioned TV screen set inside an astronaut’s helmet displays a live feed of Bond Street, almost as if the famous London street has relocated to another planet. As spectators approach, their face is tracked and the animation ignites with a countdown, leaving Earth behind and transcending the viewer, as if through a video game, to the Hermès galaxy.

 On the first of two journeys, the viewer’s facial features are augmented onto a 1960s depiction of the moon. A horse, the Hermès muse, rears up atop the anthropomorphised moon as the viewer becomes a magical glittering moon-face.  As soon as the first journey concludes, a second journey transports the viewer’s face into a technicoloured solar system, within an avatar of rainbow planets and glimmering stars, an asteroid shoot’s past.