I was commissioned by Hermes to create an installation at One Marlybone to present their new collections. The inspiration came first and foremost from the collection and from the theme Object Sense.  

I wanted to  create something that was about pure and playful forms. Shapes that would encourage a visitor to move around and with in it and feel a little engulfed in shapes and colour. I remembered the house designed by  Le Courbusier Villa La Roche. It has a very simple sweeping staircase in a plumb colour that I thought was the perfect starting point for the show design. I took inspiration from the simplicity of this house and also from Richard Serra Sculptures.  I modernised these references but making it into a faceted structure rather than sweeping curves. Again with the colour I wanted to find a way to do a modern version of the colour in the Villa La Roche the choices came from the collection and then where edited to their essence.