I was commissioned to create the 4th version of Koibird – a visit to Korea.
What is striking about South Korea is this beautiful and clever merging of textures in the  ultra-new  modern architecture – how traditional has been cleverly integrated into slick pared back design.  I wanted to play with this  idea of newness – concrete is a big part of the modern South Korea but to give it a Koi twist I thought about the idea of unfinished concrete – concrete that is SO new it isn’t even fully ready yet.
While I have featured  exciting product designers before such and Thing Thing and Ilco design … It is the first time we are giving such a dominant platform to an artist. This added our third texture – the incredible knit works of Kwangho Lee – and it in turn helped to inform the other chosen colour the teal in are textiles and branding.
The final layer ,as there always is with Koi, is to add a layer of visual noise – this time with screens both in the window and the changing rooms which will pomp out the joys of K- POP to give a real flavour of South Korea in 2019/20